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WI Teachers Union Blows Cash, Lays Off Workers, and Blames Walker

If you have not seen it yet, there is a story from the Associated Press about the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) laying off 42 workers and blaming Walker’s budget bill: ‘Wisconsin Education Association Council executive director Dan Burkhalter said the laying off of 42 workers resulted from what he called Walker’s “union-busting” bill.’

If you read further along in the story (where the liberal media hides the real content) you find that the WEAC has been on quite a spending spree: “Lobbying reports released last week showed that in 2009 and 2010, at a time when Democrats were in control of the Legislature and the governor’s office, WEAC spent $2.5 million twisting the arms of lawmakers, more than any other group.”

That’s right, they spent 2.5 million on lobbying in the previous two years, but it gets even better. Since Walker signed his budget, the WEAC spent half a million dollars taking revenge on the Republicans who voted for it: “[The WEAC] has reported spending $500,000 in support of Democratic candidates in this summer’s recall elections.” So, we’re supposed to feel pity for them after they have blown piles of cash in an effort to waste more of Wisconsin’s money on recalls.

It bears repeating that the protests at the Capitol, that they took part in, cost Wisconsin taxpayers over 8 million dollars. The recall elections and the useless recount in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, which they supported, cost untold amounts of money for Wisconsin taxpayers. It’s obvious that these unions have no idea what the rest of the country is going through during these tough economic times, but 42 of them are about to find out.

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Vote for Kim Simac and Jonathan Steitz on August 16th

If you live in the 12th or 22nd districts, you have an opportunity to help continue the work that is being done to repair Wisconsin. When the democrat Senators, Jim Holperin and Robert Wirch, fled the state in an effort to stall our budget, we decided to recall them. Now, with the recall elections upon us, the people of Wisconsin finally have the chance to replace these Senators with a couple of decent Wisconsinites who will do their jobs. Here is the latest from their campaigns. On August 16th, make your voice heard and vote!

Kim Simac – 12th district

Jonathan Steitz – 22nd district

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What the August 16th WI State Senate Races Are Really About

In the August 16th State Senate recall elections, the choice couldn’t be clearer for Wisconsinites. We will either submit, once again, to the union control that has dominated our state’s government for decades and vote for Jim Holperin and Robert Wirch, or we will continue to reclaim our freedom and vote for Kim Simac and Jonathan Steitz.

Months ago, Democrat Senators Holperin and Wirch told us exactly whose side they were on when they fled Wisconsin and went to Illinois to hold up a vote on the budget. That act subverted the representation of every Wisconsinite and undermined our democratically-elected leaders in favor of a special interest group: the unions.

The Democrat minority had no control over any branch of our government for one simple reason: They were voted out of power in 2010. The Democrats lost the election because they failed to govern the state responsibly and they left our state with a fiscal mess. Scott Walker and the Republicans were chosen by us, the voters of Wisconsin, to clean up that mess, which they did.

However, the Democrat Senators sought to exercise minority control by fleeing the state and preventing a quorum, which prevented our democratically-elected representatives from being able to run our government. All of this was done so that the unions would be able to continue to extract as much money as possible from us: the Wisconsin taxpayers.

While the Democrat Senators were in Illinois, the unions sent demostrators to our Capitol building, where they proceeded to threaten our elected leaders, harass our businesses, and cost Wisconsin taxpayers approximately 8 million dollars in damages and security costs. When it was over, the unions staged boycotts on Wisconsin businesses and continued to harass our elected leaders.

Despite all this, the Democrat Senators, including Holperin and Wirch, returned to accept a heroes’ welcome from the unions who attacked our state in virtually every manner possible. For this reason, we chose to recall our State Senators Jim Holperin and Robert Wirch.

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Jonathan Steitz for Wisconsin State Senate

Jonathan Steitz is running in the recall election against State Senator Wirch, who ran to Illinois in order to stop Wisconsin from passing its budget. Why did Wirch run to Illinois? The answer is simple: the unions told him to. During that time, union protests cost Wisconsin tax payers over 11.5 million dollars in damages and security costs.

Now the unions have launched attack ads against Jonathan Steitz, saying that he didn’t pay his taxes. If that sounds familiar, it’s because they’re using the same lies against Kim Simac in her race. This video comes from the Steitz campaign:

The group “We Are Wisconsin” has launched ads on YouTube against Steitz that are filled with the typical class warfare that they always use, but here’s a funny fact: the group isn’t even from Wisconsin. Check out the video below from the MacIver Institute at about the 1:09 mark, and you’ll see that they are NOT Wisconsin. They are, in fact, Washington D.C. and VA. Should we be surprised?

But seriously, the liberals probably wonder why they haven’t been more successful in Wisconsin. The obvious answer is that they have no idea who we are or what we are like. They aren’t Wiscosinites! They probably have extreme contempt for us and they’re annoyed that they have to bother with these races. That sentiment is coming across to the voters here. That’s why, despite the tens of millions of dollars that they spent on ad campaigns, they failed in Tuesday’s recall elections.

We don’t hate rich people in Wisconsin. We don’t hate anyone. Class-warfare ads don’t work here. We need elected leaders who represent our values and will help rebuild Wisconsin, not tear us apart. Please consider helping to elect Jonathan Steitz to the State Senate, and go to the links at the top of this post. There you can volunteer, donate, like his Facebook page, and most importantly find out about Jonathan Steitz for yourself. Please vote on August 16th, and help repair our state.

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Jim Holperin Sunk Our Battleship!

According to Rockford Jim, he voted for a budget with enough taxes and fees “to sink a good-sized battleship.” To Jim and the other democrats, our money is only ours until they can find a way to take it. To help fix Wisconsin and reduce our taxes, support Kim Simac on August 16th.

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