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Sleazy Union Tactics Against Kim Simac in Wisconsin

"Kim Simac for State Senate"

Kim Simac for State Senate

Months after the unions’ campaign of vandalizing our state and threatening our leaders, the unions have returned with a sleazy ad campaign about Kim Simac. They are alleging that Kim chose not to pay her taxes, and they have spent heavily on dishonest ads. The truth is that Kim’s business had some down years, and she did not owe any taxes for those years.

“My business has struggled in years, especially with a down economy and a hurting tourism industry. There have been years when my net income has fallen into a tax bracket that has no yearend tax liability.”

–Kim Simac

Kim Simac led the recall effort against the union-backed, democrat State Senator Jim Holperin when he fled the state to prevent a vote on the budget. After the successful recall, Kim won her primary race and is now engaged in a race to unseat the Jim Holperin. Kim is a strong candidate and is well-positioned to become the next 12th District Senator. Help Kim Simac restore fiscal discipline to Wisconsin and loosen the unions’ grip on our government.

July 30, 2011 at 5:57 pm
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  • August 5, 2011 at 5:53 amWarrior

    They’re really pulling out all the stops when they have to stoop that low – spinning up something out of nothing.

    The fact that Kim Simac’s business went through some difficult times is probably part of why she believes in the REAL American Dream and is fighting for it. God bless her and may she win!!

    Nice post – thank you!

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