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Anti-Gay Hate Scams, Hoaxes, and Fabrications Part 2

( – In an era when Christians around the world have universal love for everyone, it can be difficult to find someone to substantiate the media-created stereotype of Christian hatred and oppression. Why wait? These days, resourceful gay activists don’t mope around hoping for discriminatory acts to occur. Instead, they take matters into their own hands and create their own stories to help perpetuate their anti-Christian bigotry. These stories will make you swell with gay pride as you discover the depths of depravity to which some will sink for the cause of homosexuality. Ah, now this is tolerance!

  1. Joseph Baken’s Somersault Assault

  2. Missoula, MT, August 9, 2012 – Joseph Bakken went out to the Missoula Club on a Saturday night to celebrate his 22nd birthday. While there, he announced that he was gay and asked for directions to a gay bar. Three hours later, he was on the phone with the police at 4:30 a.m. He claimed that a man lured him outside with a smoke, where three men jumped him and beat him up while calling him a “fa__ot.”

    Bakken’s face was badly beaten. Pictures of his face appeared on Wipe Out Homophobia’s Facebook page and gay outrage erupted all over the web. Bakken’s beaten face generated half of a million likes. Later, cellphone video footage surfaced that showed Bakken attempting a back flip and landing on his face. Joseph Bakken was forced to admit his hoax and was charged with filing a false report.

  3. Alexandra Pennell’s Hate Notes to Herself

  4. NEW BRITAIN, Connecticut, July 2, 2012 – Originally reported in The Hartford Courant, the story of Alexandra Pennell, 19, involved a series of anti-gay notes that someone slid under the door of her room at Central Connecticut State University. Reports of the hate crimes sparked a campus ‘Solidarity Rally’ that drew hundreds of students out in support for Pennell. Pennell became an instantaneous star and gained the sympathy of numerous students on campus.

    The Campus police were eager to find the perpetrator and set up a hidden camera to catch the person in the act. Notes continued to arrive under Alexandra’s door, but the camera was mysteriously disabled before anyone could be caught. The Campus police became suspicious. They told Pennell that they had to take the camera away to get it fixed. That was when they secretly replaced the first camera with a second one. That one caught Alexandra Pennell in the act of sliding hate notes under her door. She was subsequently charged with several felonies and barred from the university system for five years.

  5. Quinn Matney Gets Burned . . . Twice

  6. Chapel Hill, NC, April 14, 2011 – Homosexual Freshman, Quinn Richardson Matney, 19, of Asheville was sitting on UNC_Chapel Hill’s campus minding his own business when some fellow walked up to him, called him a “f**king f*g,” said “here is a taste of hell,” and branded his arm with a hot metal object. (It is always fake Christians committing fake hate crimes.) In reality, Matney had burned himself, and his story was soon exposed as false.

    Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this story are the reactions to it. When the crime was first reported, Chancellor Holden Thorp pledged that the university’s public safety department “will bring the strongest possible charges against the attacker.” When the attacker was revealed to be none other than the homosexual victim himself, the LGBTQ Center held its forum anyway. They even got the Vice-Chancellor to apologize for not responding more quickly to this phony hate crime. As for Matney, his father asked the university not to press charges. So, what did Matney get for all of this? Counseling. The LGBTQ Center remained totally sympathetic to Matney, and why shouldn’t they be? He provided them with yet another opportunity to spread anti-Christian bigotry and further their gay agenda.

  7. Paul Marquardt’s Fake Beating

  8. Moorhead, MN, May 2, 2007 – Paul Marquardt, 23, from Edina, MN was a senior at Minnesota State University Moorhead when he was attacked by four men who shouted homosexual slurs at him and knocked him unconscious. For a whole day, he could not remember what had happened. Then suddenly, as he was sitting in class, it all came back to him. He remembered everything about the attack, but he still could not provide police with any details about the men. The blogger, High Tech Redneck Woman, knows Marquart personally, and states that he is “not the brightest bulb on the tree.”

    Inconsistencies emerged in Marquardt’s story. The more Paul Marquardt spoke, the more confused his story became. The Fargo-Moorhead Ten Percent Society was eager to exploit the crime stating, “As far as we know, this is the first recorded hate crime in the city of Moorhead.” They planned a rally to celebrate the attack, but were disappointed when Marquardt eventually settled on the story that no hate crime had taken place. Despondent, they reluctantly cancelled their outrage and rally. Oh well, better luck next time.

More to come . . .

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Mitt Romney Exposes Obama’s 5 Trillion Dollar Lie!

The latest lie that Barack Obama has been spouting on the campaign trail was repeated several times during the debate. Namely, Obama is accusing Mitt Romney of proposing a 5 trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthy.

During the debate, Mitt Romney dismissed the 5 trillion dollar claim as fiction. In his latest ad, he provides backing from liberal media sources and, most astonishingly, the deputy campaign manager for the Obama campaign: Stephanie Cutter.

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Mitt Romneycare Lies About His Conservative Record as Governor!

Mitt Romney called himself a “severely conservative” Governor during his speech at CPAC. As this clip shows, even liberals like Anderson Cooper are not fooled by Mitt Romney. I won’t give Cooper too much credit since he missed the most obviously liberal issue of Mitt’s term as Governor: Romneycare.

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Newt Gingrich Exposes Mitt Romney’s Pious Baloney!

The recent debate in New Hampshire brought out a new level of lying for Mitt Romney. This video highlights some of the Romney’s best whoppers!

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Ron Paul is a 9-11 Truther

If Ron Paul supporters wonder why people call him a nut, this is a pretty good example. This clip shows that he is either a 9-11 truther or he wants the truthers to believe that he is. You can find other kooky remarks that he has made to supporters when they question him privately. I would hope that he’s just pandering, but I fear that he actually believes much of it. Just look at how evasive he is. This is the guy who claims to be totally direct and consistent.

Here’s another clip with Ron Paul denying that he is a truther in a debate.

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