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Phony Herman Cain Smears from a Band of Gold-Digging, Democrat Bimbos

As the democrat bimbos are considering joining forces to see whether they can assemble enough gold-digging, floozy operatives to create one credible-looking sexual harassment accusation, we are finding out more about the two women who have come forward so far.

Sharon Bialek, also known as the fourth accuser, is a woman with an unsteady string of jobs, chronic bankruptcy, and a failed paternity suit against a different executive. Along with being represented by the liberal, democrat Gloria Allred, Bialek has been conveniently located in the same apartment building with President Barack Obama’s senior advisor David Axelrod.

Oh, by the way, Sharon Bialek and her recently unemployed fiance, Mark Harwood, are both unemployed and would probably like the money that high-profile television appearances might bring – to say nothing of the payoffs they might be receiving as well. How do two unemployed people afford a high-end apartment and a high-priced lawyer like Gloria Allred. Those unemployment checks in Illinois must be really big.

Then there’s the original Cain accuser, who would not come forward before, Karen Kraushaar. We have some idea why now. It seems Kraushaar, who was so eager to speak until the NRA was agreed to release her from her agreement, made a complaint against her next employer, just after her complaint against Herman Cain at the National Restaurant Association.

Among other things, that complaint accused a manager of circulating a sexually charged email. According to the AP, Kraushaar “considered her employment complaint ‘relatively minor’ and she later dropped it.” In other words, even Karen Kraushaar now admits that she made a frivolous complaint.

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