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The Feminist, Anti-Family, Pro-Abortion Girl Scouts

I had a vague idea that the Girl Scouts might have a feminist agenda. But I had no idea that they actively promote radical feminism, abortion, destructive self-centeredness, and a brutal way of looking at women and the female body.

At a recent conference in New York City (sanctioned by the national Girl Scouts USA), they showed the documentary MAKERS and lauded all those involved including Gloria Steinem, Amy Richards, and Marlo Thomas. If you haven’t seen this incredibly feminist-twisted version of reality movie, watch it here: It seems to be one inflammatory discrimination story after another joined together to ignite the watcher’s hatred of men and society as it was. And while TV and advertisements certainly weren’t aiming at the highest-educated consumer in the 1950s/1960s, this movie makes much of the feminist women, who were smarter than to listen to this media, but who listened anyway and then resented it and made all other women feel uncomfortable in the lives that they had previously felt good in. This band of women disrupted any kind of natural order of society as it was in the 1950s/1960s and made it impossible to be satisfied as a woman unless you completely ignored or were able to argue against the feminist deluge. And, remember this is what the Girl Scouts organization approved to show to the young girls in its ranks. Are they trying to breed the next generation of feminists? Emphatically yes.

Moreover, the feminist movement does not attempt to just throw a woman’s life and place in this world into chaos. Amy Richards, another glorified feminist in the documentary, below speaks more recently about her choices regarding her own children. I cannot think of abortion in any other terms than killing when Richards discusses how she got pregnant with triplets and chose to kill one of them so that she could end up with only twins. Most of her talk is about her choice, what it means for her, what it is for her to choose this. There is half a sentence about how the other two babies will have more food in her womb (she says “placenta” as if this is a medical show), and no discussion of the baby she is killing.


There are many other incendiary parts to the feminist movement that started with Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem, but this is more than enough for any young girl who just wants to get together with her friends to make bead bracelets. If your daughter becomes a member of the Girl Scouts, are you ready for her to be educated in these feminist tactics of protesting, abortion, man-hate, and society disruption? Because make no mistake, that is what she will be hearing, either overtly or covertly. These issues are pushed by the feminists, and the Girl Scouts, on a young crowd on purpose; the young take it in easier, question less, and become more ardent, though less introspective, fighters.

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July 7, 2013 at 3:46 pm
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