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What Causes Homosexuality?

The politically correct dogma about homosexuality is that gay people are “born this way.” The idea is pushed deliberately and forcefully precisely because it contradicts every behavioral observation. There are a number of different reasons why people are driven to homosexuality. However, there are two common reasons that are explored here: one for men and one for women.

The stereotypical model of a lesbian is an angry, ugly, man-hating shrew. Although ugliness and rejection by men may drive some into a sort of “sour grapes” style lesbianism, that is not the most common case. Instead, ugliness is mostly a behavioral byproduct. The element of anger is the key, and it is important to remark that lesbian anger has a very tight focus: men.

Why are lesbians angry at men? The most common reason is the presence of an abusive father. For this reason, the anger is coupled with fear. This is why it seldom comes out in a direct confrontation with a man, but it is more commonly observed when lesbians speak, indirectly, about men.

As expected, a typical woman will develop a normal affinity for her father over the course of maturation. The father becomes the ideal figure of what that woman seeks as a primary relationship later on in life. However, if the father is abusive, the woman becomes fearful of and angry with her father.

The abusive father creates a classic reaction formation in which the lesbian spends the rest of her life seeking safety from her father through relationships with women. Overcompensation in lesbians frequently takes the form of crude sexual remarks about women’s anatomy and overt masculinity.

Gay Men
Gay men are almost the complete opposite of lesbians. They are seldom, if ever, angry at women, and they tend to get along with women very well. In fact, gay men get along with virtually everyone. In fact, they subvert their own self-worth in order to please anyone and everyone.

This desire to please people is a result of intense feelings of inadequacy. The culprit is typically an overbearing and critical mother who drives the gay man to become outwardly directed and to constantly seek other people’s approval. The lack of self-worth renders the gay man incapable of sexual attraction toward women. All such feelings serve to make him feel all the more inadequate.

The strong desire to please frequently manifests itself as flamboyance. This type of gay man frequently becomes a chronic center of attention. He lives his life “on stage”–sometimes figuratively, sometimes actually. For this reason, we see numerous gay men who become singers or dancers. This is the gay man as performance artist. He lives his life constantly performing and seeking approval. He idolizes idols, like Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland.

Further Remarks
Rather than address these psychological issues truthfully, political interest groups have arisen to attempt to cement homosexuality as a “normal” lifestyle because they seek to use homosexuals as a political tool. To this end, they have tried to convince everyone, including homosexuals, that their inclinations are genetic.

Sadly, the very people whose cause is being championed are its biggest victims. Trapped by feelings of anger and fear or inadequacy, homosexuals are validated through their exposure as political tools. Not only are the opponents of normalizing homosexuality demonized, but homosexuals who want to leave the gay lifestyle behind are considered traitors and made into pariahs. All of this is done to gain political power.

Many homosexuals want some semblance of a normal life. The gay marriage movement is a testament to that fact. However, nothing in the world will ever serve to make homosexuality normal. Instead, political normalization and militancy trap homosexuals in a state of perpetual depression due to their fear or inadequacy, while they seek peace or approval with no resolution.

It is a state of endless misery and one need not look far for the results. Lesbians, driven by fear and anger, commonly become abusive, often physically. Gay men seek numerous sexual “relationships” with strange men in an effort to gain widespread approval. It is a great tragedy for homosexuals, particularly because their upbringing affords them no notion of what it means to live a normal, happy, and fulfilled life.

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November 7, 2012 at 8:56 pm
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  • November 19, 2013 at 8:49 amLeticia Velasquez

    I see those behavioral characteristics in my gay and lesbian friends from college. Also, once they ‘came out’ they went into their communities and rejected our friendship.

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