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The Black Man Sharpton, Jackson and Obama Didnt Defend

It’s been a few weeks since George Grier was arrested for defending his family from roughly 20 or so gang members who were threatening his family. For anyone who doesn’t know or remember, George Grier is a black man who shot a few warning shots into his front lawn to ward off 20 or so Hispanic men who threatened to kill his family. He said that he suspected that they were from the deadly Hispanic MS-13 gang, but does that even matter? If 20 guys show up at a man’s house and start talking about killing his family, they deserve to be shot period. However, George Grier only fired warning shots into his lawn and now he is facing charges of reckless endangerment in New York, a felony.

It goes without saying that this guy is a hero. The fact that he’s being treated this way is the real crime here. However, there’s another story here. That story is about what isn’t happening. Where are the rallies for this black man? Where are the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Where is Barack Obama to make the call when the police really are acting stupidly? This is a real “teachable moment” for black men.

Here’s the lesson: The black leaders who claim to represent the interest of blacks are only interested in defending the indefensible. You see, George Grier had no criminal history. He owned a gun. He owned his gun legally. He was still with his wife and taking care of his family to the point of defending them with his life. To put it bluntly, George Grier is a truly decent guy and that’s his problem. If black men begin to act decently, they won’t be victims. They won’t need the race industry leaders like Sharpton and Jackson.

There’s something else going on here too. The guys threatening George were Hispanic and Hispanics are a group that the democrats, like Sharpton, are trying to woo. They’ve got blacks solidly, but Hispanics are becoming a larger group. If democrats get Hispanics, it’s golden. So, you can expect similar outcome whenever blacks and Hispanics clash, especially if the Hispanics are scum. The decent black men of America will soon see how little their support has meant to their self-proclaimed protectors. The lines of battle aren’t black and white, they’re right and wrong, and democrats will always choose the scumbags, regardless of race.

September 20, 2010 at 4:16 am
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