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Lie Detector Finds Herman Cain Innocent, Bialek Lying

A $15,000 software program that is used by the police to detect lies has been run to analyse Herman Cain’s remarks from a press conference, where he denied allegations of sexual harassment. The analysis found that Herman Cain was telling the truth and that he did not sexually harass Sharon Bialek. The program also found that Sharon Bialek was “fabricating what transpired” during their meetings. The full story can be found here and the video is below.

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November 10, 2011 at 2:22 pm Comments (0)

The Herman Cain Story: Is the Liberal Media Dead?

It has been 10 days since the liberal Politico broke the story of sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain. Since then, the media has been churning out story after story with unsubstantiated allegations against Cain and reports about how his campaign is over. In fact, The Economist is reporting today that the Herman Cain is no longer the front-runner. They are of course lying, as usual.

New polls out today show Herman Cain leading the race in Florida for the first time in the race. He also leads in Ohio and is now tied with Romney in Pennsylvania. In other words, the allegations have not hurt Cain, and may have even helped him. There’s a reason.

Herman Cain has been married 43 years. He has no history of infidelity; unlike Bill Clinton whose affairs were many and proven. With Cain there is no smoke and no fire. The leftist media is wondering why conservatives don’t believe the allegations against Herman Cain, and the answer is simple: everyone knows they are false, even the left. We also know that the left-wing media is out to lynch any conservative black person.

Despite the fact that the charges are so obviously false, the left-wing media expects us to believe them. They hope that if they can repeat the charges enough times that we will come to think they must be true. They believe that if they say that Herman Cain’s poll numbers are slipping, it will magically happen. Neither of these has happened, and the only thing that the media is doing is showing their growing irrelevance. This is the day that the liberal media cried “wolf” and nobody came.

By the time this story runs its course, virtually no one will believe anything in the left-wing media, including liberals.

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November 10, 2011 at 11:57 am Comment (1)

Phony Herman Cain Smears from a Band of Gold-Digging, Democrat Bimbos

As the democrat bimbos are considering joining forces to see whether they can assemble enough gold-digging, floozy operatives to create one credible-looking sexual harassment accusation, we are finding out more about the two women who have come forward so far.

Sharon Bialek, also known as the fourth accuser, is a woman with an unsteady string of jobs, chronic bankruptcy, and a failed paternity suit against a different executive. Along with being represented by the liberal, democrat Gloria Allred, Bialek has been conveniently located in the same apartment building with President Barack Obama’s senior advisor David Axelrod.

Oh, by the way, Sharon Bialek and her recently unemployed fiance, Mark Harwood, are both unemployed and would probably like the money that high-profile television appearances might bring – to say nothing of the payoffs they might be receiving as well. How do two unemployed people afford a high-end apartment and a high-priced lawyer like Gloria Allred. Those unemployment checks in Illinois must be really big.

Then there’s the original Cain accuser, who would not come forward before, Karen Kraushaar. We have some idea why now. It seems Kraushaar, who was so eager to speak until the NRA was agreed to release her from her agreement, made a complaint against her next employer, just after her complaint against Herman Cain at the National Restaurant Association.

Among other things, that complaint accused a manager of circulating a sexually charged email. According to the AP, Kraushaar “considered her employment complaint ‘relatively minor’ and she later dropped it.” In other words, even Karen Kraushaar now admits that she made a frivolous complaint.

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November 9, 2011 at 5:25 pm Comments (0)

Republican Establishment Smears Herman Cain . . . and the Tea Party

It difficult to say who started the sexual harassment smear campaign against Herman Cain, but it’s obvious today that the republican establishment is fully on board with it. Since yesterday, Bill Bennett, Karl Rove, and Mitt Romney have piled on and sanctioned the smears against Herman Cain. It’s clear at this point that the republican establishment is trying its best to destroy the Tea Party via its representative, Herman Cain.

Yesterday, Bill Bennett wrote an article entitled “Cain must confront sex harassment issue,” where he stated:

It is no longer insignificant. Neither is it insignificant that the Cain campaign discounted the charges in the initial stories, saying they were based on anonymous sources, only to make a mockery by blaming other campaigns with less substantiation than the original stories.

Today, Karl Rove did his best to make the charges seem credible in an interview on Foxs News, where he asserted the following:

Credibility matters here. And Gloria Allred, while she is a Democrat and a liberal Democrat and openly so — nonetheless, has been involved in a number of high profile cases like Tiger Woods and others where the charges have been borne out.

Not to be outdone, Mitt Romney lent what little credibility his words have to the charges in an interview for ABC, stating,

These are serious allegations, George, and they’re going to have to be addressed seriously. I don’t have any counsel for Herman Cain or for his campaign, they have to take their own counsel on this.

This is an intesting turn of events, since we now know that the woman leveling the charges of sexual harassment against Herman Cain, Sharon Bialek, has an incredibly shady past, filled with multiple bankruptcies and a failed paternity suit against a media executive (the media might take a closer look at that if they aren’t too busy trying to destroy Cain). Those of us who are conservative and members of the Tea Party should understand one thing about this whole saga: It has almost nothing to do with Herman Cain and everything to do with destroying conservatives and the Tea Party.

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November 8, 2011 at 7:28 pm Comment (1)