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Hayek versus Keynes Rap

For those of you who are interested in economic philosophy, here are two incredible rap music videos that give a quick overview of the two main philosophies of modern times, using two of the most well-know proponents of the twentieth century: Hayek and Keynes.

The video above is the second video, which is also known as round two. The first video, round one, is below.

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Vote Prosser on Tuesday, April 5th in Wisconsin

The Supreme Court race in Wisconsin has officially been nationalized. The unions have been working hard to install a Judge that will be a rubber stamp whatever they want, particularly with regard to the recent budget battle: JoAnne Kloppenburg. The leftist allies for Prosser’s opponent have run ads claiming that Prosser let a guilty pedophile go free. In response, one of the victims of the crime has released several statements and even did the ad below to counter the lie coming from Kloppenburg’s people.

Don’t let the unions buy our Supreme Court. On Tuesday, April 5th, vote for Justice Prosser and support his re-election by volunteering at his website here. Tell your friends and show your support by downloading the image below and using it as you profile image on Facebook.

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