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Blackwater for Kinect is Awesome!

The first serious first-person shooter for Kinect is out, and it is hours of heart-pounding fun. Hard-core Kinect games have been slow to come out. Blackwater is one of the first and is easily one of the best games for Kinect.

Most of the Xbox 360 Kinect games, up to this point, have been family-friendly and child-oriented games. This one isn’t. Blackwater is intense gun-slinging action, and the Kinect-based control adds a new level of realism to the first-person shooter genre.

To aim your gun, you simply hold your arm forward and point it at the target. You reload by bending your arm at the elbow and slapping it with the other hand, somewhat like reloading a real gun.

However, the really intense part of the game comes from the ducking and dodging. The game is full of obstacles to duck behind for cover. Incredibly, the game uses the Kinect sensor’s ability to allow you to duck behind objects very realistically. Moving your body even allows you to look around objects, which really makes you feel like you’re in the action.

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Filp-Flopping Bush Endorses Romney

In a move that should surprise no one, George H. W. Bush has endorsed Romney for president. Is this really an asset for Mitt or will it be the final nail in the coffin of his candidacy? After all, the main thing people remember about the elder Bush is his failure to keep his pledge not to raise taxes.

This can’t possibly play well with the republican voters that Romney needs to win over. Romney supporters are trying to make flip-flopping a sign of flexibility, but do they really believe that making and breaking pledges to voters is going to go very well.

The statements of Romeny and the elder Bush were very similar in their stridency. When Bush said “read my lips” it was much like Romney’s statement about decades of support for Roe versus Wade (see video below). The problem isn’t that Bush or Romney changed their minds, the problem is that both of them changed thier positions on whims after making seemingly-ironclad statements.

After all, if we can’t trust them to honor these “unbreakable” promises, what can we trust them on? Who knows? Maybe Bush will change his mind again and endorse someone else.

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Scott Walker Brings WI Unemployment Rate to Three-Year Low

Scott Walker’s reforms in Wisconsin are working well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the November 2011 unemployment rate for state of Wisconsin now stands at 7.3%–it’s lowest level since January 2009. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the November 2011 rate of 7.3% has tied April 2010 for the lowest unemployment rate since January 2009, when the rate was 7.2%.

The BLS numbers show that 2,822,865 Wisconsinites were employed in October 2011, while 2,831,392 Wisconsinites were employed in November 2011. These numbers indicate that the state’s employment grew by an incredible 8,527.

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The Wisconsin Media’s Awful Unemployment Lies Against Scott Walker

How badly will the Wisconsin media lie in order to destroy Walker? Well, the latest headline from WSAU reads “Wisconsin leads the nation in November job losses.”

That sounds pretty bad. If you read the first paragraph of the story, it appears that Wisconsin led the nation in job losses for October as well as November:

For the second month in a row, Wisconsin leads the nation in the numbers of jobs it lost in November. The U-S Bureau of Labor Statistics said the Badger State lost a seasonally-adjusted 14,600 jobs last month, on top of the 9700 lost jobs the government reported in October.

So, did Wisconsin really lead the nation in job losses for October? Try reading the next paragraph of the story:

The initial monthly job loss figures are preliminary, and state Workforce Development Secretary Reggie Newson said the final numbers for October showed much fewer job losses. But Newson has not said that Washington’s numbers treat Wisconsin more harshly than other states — so if the proportions are the same, the state’s ranking compared to others would not change.

Let’s parse that message for a second. It says that the numbers that were reported for October were wrong, but they didn’t bother to correct them. Then WSAU goes on to speculate that the state’s ranking wouldn’t change anyway. Of course, WSAU is wrong again.

As this story from the ultra-liberal Cap Times points out,

. . . revised numbers from October show the state losing 2,400 jobs, not 9.600 as first reported. Revised figures now show several other states with more job losses, including Minnesota, with 7,300.

That’s right, WSAU deliberately reported incorrect numbers for October and made false suppositions about the state’s ranking. Wisconsin’s job losses were only 2,400, about one fourth of what was reported and the state did not have the largest number of job losses.

A few other worthy items stick out in the Cap Times article:

. . . [Wisconsin’s] unemployment rate fell to 7.3 percent, marking the lowest level in a year.

. . . October was the fifth straight month where the federal agency had overestimated the number of jobs losses in the state.

Three other times this year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics underestimated jobs gains . . .

I wonder why The Cap Times didn’t use the headline “Wisconsin’s unemployment rate at the lowest level in a year” instead of “Wisconsin leads nation in job losses.”

Let’s dig a little deeper into the employment numbers. Here are the employment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for September, October and November: 2,819,200, 2,822,900, and 2,831,400. According to this report, the number of employed has actually grown by 3,700 for October and 8,500 for November.

So, it appears that Wisconsin had positive job growth for the last two months, and these improving numbers are reflected in the unemployment rates for September, October and November which were 7.8, 7.7 and 7.3. It would be nice to have someone reporting the news accurately, but I wouldn’t expect it from the liberal media when they are trying desperately to recall governor Scott Walker.

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Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter Should Quit Now!

When you start spouting left-wing talking points or resorting to obvious lies to prop up a failing RINO candidate, your days as a conservative commentator are over. When you agree with Bob Dole and Meghan McCain about who should be the republican nominee, you know you’ve crossed into Arianna Huffington territory. My respect for Glen Back and Ann Coulter has now come to an end. Why?

Well, it seems that Glenn Beck is now saying that Newt Gingrich is as liberal as Barack Obama. If that wasn’t enough, Beck has stated that the only argument for supporting Newt over Obama is racism. That’s right, we don’t actually like Newt’s “Contract With America,” welfare reform, balanced budgets, or NAFTA; we’re just racists. Thanks Glenn!

Ann Coulter made the ridiculous assertion that Mitt Romney is the most conservative candidate in the race. That’s simply a joke. Michele Bachmann is the most conservative, easily, and Santorum is a close second. All of the other candidates are far away from them, except in some respect . . . Newt!

Don’t get me wrong Newt has said some liberal things, but he has denounced every one of them. When it comes to actual policy, Newt has been responsible for the most conservative legislation that we’ve seen. Unlike the other candidates, he has done it on a national scale–with a democrat president. The Contract With America, welfare refrom, NAFTA, and the budget cuts of the 90s were all more conservative than anything that we saw during the George W. Bush years, even with a republican-controlled congress.

I have listened to Beck and read Coulter for a long time. I appreciated their commentary and stood by them as they have come under fire from the liberals. However, I find myself unable to comprehend why either if them has said what they have, and I will no longer listen to either of them. It’s a matter of trust, and they have lost mine.

Mr. Beck, in particular, will soon find the large group of Tea Party people whom he has called bigots have left him behind. Ann Coulter will find her credibility gone because of her blatant lie about Romney. No, Ann, Romney isn’t the most conservative candidate. He’s a phoney who has flip-flopped on almost every issue. He even opposed the “Contract With America,” as the video below shows.

Conservatives don’t abide lies nor do they appreciate being called bigots. After moving this far to the left, Glenn Back and Ann Coulter should finish their transition to liberalism (Arianna may have some openings at the HuffPo). No one on the right believes them, not even the Romney supporters.

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