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The Lesbian Discrimination Story That Wasn’t

Indianapolis, November 22, 2013 ( – When the story first broke about Sarah Bray and her lesbian partner in an Indianapolis hospital, the news media was full of headlines like these: “Same-sex partner barred from Indiana hospital” and “Sarah Bray Was Barred From Seeing Her Partner in the Hospital, But She’s Still Fighting For Her Rights.” Sarah Bray was making her rounds in the media; gay groups and blogs were electrified with indignation.

The story, as it was first reported, was that Sarah Bray’s partner had been found unconscious in their home after a suicide attempt. After bringing her partner to the Catholic hospital, Franciscan St. Francis Health in Indianapolis, Sarah was reportedly barred from visiting her.

The partner, Jennifer Clemmer, was in the process of adopting Bray’s children and was engaged to Bray after a relationship that was roughly half of a year long. Given that, gay groups concluded that the central problem in this whole story was that this suicidal woman, who was in a six-month relationship, was not able to get married in her home state.

It was the perfect gay story about an “evil,” “hateful,” Catholic hospital forbidding gay love from flourishing. The only problem was that it was not true.

Shortly after this story was printed by Fox 59, they added an update at the bottom of the story, which included this message from the hospital: “Contrary to the reports and social media comments, the significant other of the patient has been granted visitation with the patient regularly since her admission to Franciscan St. Francis.” Then this similar story appeared corroborate that update: “Same-sex partner able to visit patient, contrary to partner’s claims, Indianapolis hospital says.” Despite all of this, Bray was still talking to the media and still accusing the hospital of discrimination.

Yes, Sarah Bray lied and repeatedly made false accusations against the hospital, but the story took an even darker turn as it was revealed that Jennifer Clemmer was in the hospital as a result of domestic abuse, rather than suicide:

Clemmer said Bray dragged her to the ground by her shirt, struck her about five times in the head and neck with a closed fist, grabbed her by the hair and slammed her face into the wood floor, according to documents. The boys witnessed the attack, the affidavit said.

As of today, Sarah Bray remains in jail, and it is Jennifer Clemmer’s fear that is keeping her there:

Bray, 34, who appeared during a bond review hearing this morning, is charged with battery and criminal confinement. The charges came after her live-in partner, Jennifer Clemmer, told investigators that Bray assaulted her after an argument about house cleaning, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Chris Kozelichki said Clemmer, who has since been released from the hospital, fears for her safety from Bray.

This is a lesbian love story.

It is odd how blinded people can be by their prejudice. Here we have gay groups claiming hatred on the part Catholics, who were desperately saving the life of the very person who they were accused of hating.

Sadly, while carrying out their Christian work and saving this suicidal, lesbian woman’s life, these Catholics were tormented by the groups who claim to care more about her than they do. The truth is that now that this story is no longer politically useful to these gay groups, Jennifer Clemmer will cease to exist in their minds, except as a story that they can not too soon forget.

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November 22, 2013 at 1:37 pm
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  • June 14, 2014 at 10:43 pmAnonymous

    Everyone has this story all wrong. Sarah was not a lesbian but rather a straight woman desperate for money so she conned a lesbian into thinking she cared so she could get her vehicle and her house and money. Sarah was married to a MAN at the time, so people fighting for gay rights don’t need to feel shamed because a greedy social path tried to take advantage of someone. This woman batters children and males that she comes into contact with as well as women.

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