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Thomas Peterffy: “I Grew Up in a Socialist Country …”

Like Ayn Rand, Thomas Peterffy knows the evil that results from Socialism. Those who know Socialism are the most ardent defenders of Capitalism. In the this election cycle, Thomas Peterffy has put his money behind his message with this powerful ad in support of Republicans for the coming election on November 6, 2012. His message is so important. Help to spread the word.

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Biden Plays Jester – Watch the Entire VP Debate Here!

Send in the clown; in the Biden/Ryan Vice Presidential debate on Thursday night, Joe Biden decided to play the role of the Joker. He entered onto the stage with a Texas-sized grin that displayed a huge set of unnaturally white teeth. Joe Biden is not a man who smiles and it showed. His expression appeared severely pained.

That was largely the definition of the Biden’s debate performance. He laughed uproariously while Paul Ryan spoke of unemployment, war, and the future of the country. Paul Ryan was his usual self: open, honest, intelligent, and gracious. The contrast could not have been clearer.

It seems Biden was sent on a mission to try to annoy Ryan or something like that. He interrupted Paul Ryan around 80 times, and spent much of the time laughing inappropriately.

Biden’s night was full of grossly bad acting, but I suspect that his base, at least, was happy. He was boorish and that’s just what they wanted. Somehow, I do not think the rest of the country feels the same way.

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Mitt Romney Asks for Support: “It’s Our Time”

In a new powerful Republican National Committee ad that calls for supporters to get involved, Mitt Romney lays out a strong case for his presidency. To get involved, the RNC recommends that you go to and sign up to get involved.

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Scott Walker Advises Mitt Romney on How to Win!

Conservative T-Shirts

No governor in the history of the United States has ever survived a recall election, until now. This has been a historic election with the nation watching and with national implications for the presidential election in November. So, it’s not surprising that people are asking Scott Walker how fellow republican, Mitt Romney, can replicate his success. Fresh off of his historic win, Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker gives Mitt Romney advice on how to win the election in Wisconsin.

Scott Walker has been in office less than two years now, but his time has been more significant than any other governor’s in the recent history of Wisconsin and, perhaps, the nation at large. His reforms have been sweeping and his budget has put Wisconsin on the path to financial security. However, change does not come easy and even the best reforms are likely to disturb some groups of people. In this case, the groups that became upset were the labor unions, who benefit from government spending.

Scott Walker’s recall win is likely to be significant for many reasons. First, the visibility of the election and the turnout have been so significant that he has created many new voters who now believe strongly in his reforms; these voters are likely to push the battleground state of Wisconsin to the conservative side for many elections to come. Second, Walker didn’t just win by himself. In fact, he won with several other republican state senators who were also facing recall elections–several of these races were extremely lopsided in normally competitive districts. Finally, this race was cast as democrats and unions against republicans; that is a branding nightmare for the democrat party.

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Matt Drudge Helps Mitt Romney Coordinate Attacks on Newt Gingrich

Today, Mitt Romney organized an attackapalooza on Newt Gingrich with great assistance from the republican establishment and their servants in the new media. How extensive was the attack? Well, the Drudge Report ran a linkapalooza of anti-Newt attacks, which the New York Times even pointed out were gross distortions (left-click the image to enlarge it to see the 12 links and 2 images against Newt).

Many others joined in, as noted by Politico: Elliott Abrams at the National Review accused the Newt Gingrich of repeatedly attacking President Ronald Reagan. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. wrote an article in the American Spectator, which linked Newt Gingrich’s infidelity to Bill Clinton and called them both 60s narcissists (For the record, Newt had an affair over a decade ago while separated and married the woman, while Clinton was a serial adulterer). They even brought out old 1996 loser, Bob Dole, to attack Newt (that might actually help him). A piece was written by the editors of National Review called “The Hour of Newt” (Is William F. Buckley turning in his grave yet?). Ann Coulter, who has become a regular Mitt Romney cheerleader, penned her obligatory attack piece entitled “Re-elect Obama, Vote Newt!” (How original?). FInally, they dragged out Tom Delay to declare “[Newt]’s not really a conservative.” (an obvious lie).

Considering the volume of attacks directed at Newt, it seems reasonable to assume that Mitt has been doling out the cash. The anti-Reagan line of attack, in particular, seemed directly coordinated with the ads that Mitt Romney has been running against Newt in Florida (see the video below). Ironically, Michael Reagan himself came out today in defense of Newt, and Newt’s campaign dug up a video of Nancy Reagan commenting that Reagan was passing the torch to Newt. This was bound to backfire on Romney.

The National Journal has more information on these attacks and some of the history of Gingrich and the other parties involved.

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