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A New Video About Hiding the Global Temperature Decline

The No Cap and Trade Group has released a new video about the scientific scandal where scientists, Michael Mann and others, used statistically faulty methods to create the illusion of a significant recent global warming in the temperature data. Michael Mann’s methods were initially shown to be statistically suspect by McIntyre and McKitrick. However, the information from a more recent release of emails (The Climategate Scandal) indicates that the faulty reconstruction was intentional. This video is extremely good at illustrating exactly what happened with the data and temperature reconstructions. It’s very accessible and shockingly informative for a parody song!

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NASA’s Green War Against Technology

On their site, NASA states its mission as this:

“NASA’s mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.”

However, it appears that the once-great National Aeronautics and Space Administration has become the National Anti-Science Administration. Recent budget cuts by President Obama have cancelled the NASA Constellation program, which would have returned NASA to the moon, and replaced it with some other missions that are far less likely to happen, like going to Mars or an asteroid. According to some, the Constellation program was behind schedule and over budget. Obama’s elimination of the Constellation program drew criticism from the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong and others who maintain that the move is a setback for space exploration.

One could argue that the program had problems, but think about it for a moment. If NASA cannot get us back to the moon, do they have any hope at all of getting us to Mars? Perhaps the problems with Constellation aren’t so much with the program as they are with the organization itself. For years now, NASA has been running less as an organization dedicated to space exploration and more as an advocate for a return to the Bronze Age.

Instead of making scientific discoveries, they have been pushing the anti-scientific agenda of the far-left environmental movement: the Global Warming Hoax. In the name of global warming, environmentalists are pushing restrictions on fuel consumption and limits on the exploration of oil reserves. Just as their previous scare tactics left us behind many other countries in the development of nuclear power, the current anti-carbon crusade threatens to strangle our development indefinitely, and with it NASA.

For what does space exploration require more than anything? Fuel. NASA seems less concerned about exploring space and more concerned about returning the world to wind and solar power. Wind and solar? Now, that’s old technology; it even predates the discovery of fire. This is their plan for the future.

It’s not surprising that we’ve heard little from NASA lately about its space exploration. Instead, we’ve been hearing from James Hansen, the director of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, about how we are destroying the planet with SUVs. They have been right about nothing in this regard. By all indications, even their measurements, the Earth was no warmer in 2009 than it was in 1998. In other words, there was no warming for the last decade. Of course, they spin it differently and conclude that it’s even worse than we had thought.

Their homepage currently boasts “NASA Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Earth Day ” and contains various links to other global warming junk. Much of the website, in fact, is filled with global warming and climate change garbage. It has  been for some time. Much of their supposedly scientific work has been an effort to prop up the global warming scare with a mountain of scientific mumbo jumbo. If we are to believe NASA in this regard, then we believe that they have the ability to model an incredibly sophisticated web of forces that drive climate: from the oceans to the cosmos. If we are to believe NASA, we believe that they understand far beyond the bounds of any other humans the complex workings of numerous various branches of sceince, like physics, geology, mathematics, computer science, astronomy, etc. If we are to believe NASA, then we are fools. For it is obvious now that NASA, far from having a godlike understanding of science, cannot even make it back to the moon: a mission accomplished over four decades ago.

The sad fact is that NASA has now reduced itself to outright advocacy for a regressive anti-technological lifestyle. Goodbye “space exploration!” Goodbye “scientific discovery and aeronautics research!” NASA’s new mission is the rediscovery of oral history and, perhaps, fire–unless these prove to be too advanced for them. RIP NASA.

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SEC workers caught surfing for porn during work hours

Who would have thought that when they said they were “hard at work,” this was what they had in mind.

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Joel Pollak sings the “Ballad of the Tea Party”

Joel Pollak (R-IL-9) sings the “Ballad of the Tea Party.” He’s also running for congress in IL.

I am not Joel Pollak, but I do approve this message.


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TV show Glee exposes itself as a liberal rag

The liberal writers of the television show Glee come out with the old “Sarah Palin is so stupid . . . ”  joke, but fail to supply a punch line. Duh, she’s dumb . . . ha, ha. Very clever stuff guys. With that kind of work you’re poised for a Nobel Peace Prize. After all, Gore, Carter, and Obama each got one and they did nothing more to deserve theirs.

Seriously though, this is just too lazy . . .  or stupid. Next time, the writer of this gem might supply his own name for consideration.

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