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Rand Paul Declares that a “Right to Health Care” is Slavery

Of course, Rand Paul is correct. To liberals who believe that the government has the right to conscript the people in the medical field, I submit that this is slavery. Those who say that it is no different than the police, fire, military, or other government entity, fail to realize that the medical field isn’t in the public sector. To claim that health care is a right is to say that government can force people in the medical field to do work that it hasn’t paid for. Police, fire, and every other person in public sector has an agreement with the government to work for pay. The medical field does not.

So, doctors, nurses, etc. have made no contract with the government to provide this “right to healthcare.” The government just threatens to impose it. The statement of this being a “right” means that someone must provide it and that someone must be enslaved to do so.

Once the liberals nationalize health care, they may be able to say that people have a right to it, but we must understand that that is the goal of any nationalization. It is legalized slavery on a less-personalized level. No longer are slaves subject to the will of one man. Under nationalization, men become enslaved by the state: a faceless, nameless bureaucracy that sits in a far off land and dictates its laws without any regard to or understanding of the consequences. It was just such a situation that led to America’s Revolutionary War.

June 26, 2011 at 3:21 am Comments (0)