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Scott Walker Advises Mitt Romney on How to Win!

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No governor in the history of the United States has ever survived a recall election, until now. This has been a historic election with the nation watching and with national implications for the presidential election in November. So, it’s not surprising that people are asking Scott Walker how fellow republican, Mitt Romney, can replicate his success. Fresh off of his historic win, Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker gives Mitt Romney advice on how to win the election in Wisconsin.

Scott Walker has been in office less than two years now, but his time has been more significant than any other governor’s in the recent history of Wisconsin and, perhaps, the nation at large. His reforms have been sweeping and his budget has put Wisconsin on the path to financial security. However, change does not come easy and even the best reforms are likely to disturb some groups of people. In this case, the groups that became upset were the labor unions, who benefit from government spending.

Scott Walker’s recall win is likely to be significant for many reasons. First, the visibility of the election and the turnout have been so significant that he has created many new voters who now believe strongly in his reforms; these voters are likely to push the battleground state of Wisconsin to the conservative side for many elections to come. Second, Walker didn’t just win by himself. In fact, he won with several other republican state senators who were also facing recall elections–several of these races were extremely lopsided in normally competitive districts. Finally, this race was cast as democrats and unions against republicans; that is a branding nightmare for the democrat party.

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