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Jan Brewer asks democrats to read the AZ law

This political ad from Jan Brewer is effective and to the point. The ad says all you need to know about the criticism of Arizona’s immigration law.

May 24, 2010 at 7:27 pm Comments (0)

Anti-Science: NASA’s Green Oral Histories

President Obama recently cancelled the NASA space exploration program called Constellation. The program was initiated under President Bush to take astronauts back to the Moon and eventually to Mars. Instead, this program is history and Barack Obama has increased funding for other NASA programs, which include Climate Science and “Green” Aviation.

The environmental movement is at its heart anti-scientific as the oral history examples in the video serve to illustrate. Currently, NASA is moving sharply off of its stated goal of space exploration and scientific discovery and is quickly becoming a tool for a regressive environmentalist agenda. How do oral histories aid space exploration? Why has NASA become the Native American Storytelling Administration?

The document that gives an overview of the NASA budgets can be found here. We also have a link for the article that describes the Native American oral histories project: “Where Words Touch the Earth.”  Finally, NASA’s article on the difference between weather and climate is here.

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Did Barack Obama have sexual relations with this woman, Vera Baker?

A new story was just released by The National Enquirer claiming that Barack Obama had an affair with Vera Baker (Pictured Below).

It is being reported that a security videotape exists and that anti-Obama people are offering a 1 million dollar reward for evidence. The National Enquirer also claims that Obama’s limo driver reports that he dropped her off at the hotel with Obama with no expectation that she would be leaving that night.

Considering The National Enquirer’s record on John Edwards, the story may be true. However, it also being reported that The National Enquirer’s story  is being rushed by the publication of The Globe. So, we will have to wait and see what comes out.

What are the implications of such a story? For Bill Clinton the Monica Lewinsky scandal was a definite boost to his popularity. After pushing NAFTA through and signing welfare reform, many liberals were disenchanted. The republican dislike of Clinton combined with the scandal brought liberals flocking back to Clinton. With Obama’s approval numbers down, could this help?

It seems unlikely to boost Obama. Much of his appeal is that he isn’t considered to be a sleaze-ball like Clinton. Also, everyone knew what Clinton was like beforehand. However, the biggest thing that Clinton had going for him was that the economy was strong. That isn’t the case now.

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