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Why Not Ban All Republicans From the Wausau Labor Day Parade?

In a move that has taken political pettiness to a new level, the Wisconsin unions have gone from protesting at schools and gluing school door locks to banning republican lawmakers from marching in the Labor Day parade in Wausau. The parade is organized by the Marathon County Central Labor Council, whose president is Randy Radtke. According to him,

It should come as no surprise that organizers choose not to invite elected officials who have openly attacked worker’s rights or stood idly by while their political party fought to strip public workers of their right to collectively bargain.

The added wrinkle in all of this is that the parade is funded by taxpayers and the city is now threatening to cut its funding for what amounts to a partisan parade (“State Rep. Donna Seidel, D-Wausau, is listed as the grand marshal of the parade on the labor council’s website”).

So, why are they only banning lawmakers? Over half or the local population voted for Governor Scott Walker and again, voted for Justice Prosser after the collective bargaining bill was passed. It seems that Randy Radke has conveniently forgotten this point. He has instead chosen to ban republican lawmakers, like Sean Duffy, who had nothing to do with the bill, while allowing republicans who voted for and supported those who passed it. If our lawmakers are guilty then we all are.

I voted republican and plan to do so again. I am pleased with the great achievements of our republican lawmakers in Wisconsin. I support my republican lawmakers and encourage everyone else to do so. Call, write, and email them to let them know that you support them and will not participate in a parade where your representatives are not welcome. Let us tell Randy Radke, “I’m Spartacus!”

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The Philosophy of Liberty

This video explains the link between Life, Liberty, and Property. The connection between Life, Liberty, and Property were first given by the English philosopher John Locke. The principles underlie the founding of The United States of America and were named outright in The Declaration of Indepence, where they were given as Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness.

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Kevin Jackson Educates a Democrat Tea Party Crasher

An amazing video of Kevin Jackson taking on a liberal democrat union supporter. This is hilarious and you almost have to feel sorry for this kid, except for the fact that he was crashing a Tea Party event. Like most union supporters, he has no idea what he’s doing.

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Nancy Pelosi: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Here’s a great new ad from The Coalition to Protect Patients’ Rights that opposes Obamacare, featuring Nancy Pelosi’s infamous words:

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The JSOnline Politifact Fraud on Kim Simac

If it is wasn’t bad enough that Jim Holperin’s supporters went on a multi-million dollar ad binge to make misleading statements about Kim Simac, JSOnline Politifact embellished those statements into outright lies. The article entitled “Greater Wisconsin Political Fund says recall candidate Kim Simac was delinquent paying property taxes eight of the last nine years” by Dave Umhoefer in JSOnline begins

In July 2011, when allies of state Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Conover) hit his recall challenger, Republican Kim Simac, for failing to pay income taxes, Simac punched back — metaphorically speaking, of course.

In the article, Dave Umhoefer at Polifact claims that the statements made by the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund are “True.” Ironically, the statement above, quoted from Dave Umhoefer’s article, is absolutely false. That is, there has been no claim made about Kim Simac “failing to pay income taxes.” In fact, this article, which Dave Umhoefer cited and linked to, quotes Jim Holperin as saying the following: “She hasn’t paid taxes and isn’t legally obligated to pay taxes in Wisconsin for most of the last ten years.”

We need to clarify the situation a little, since there both income taxes and property taxes involved. Kim Simac didn’t pay income taxes for several years because she didn’t make enough money to owe any. Jim Hoperin’s supporters are giving the false impression that she did something illegal. Obviously, the ads were misleading because even Dave Umhoefer, who researched this at Politifact, fell for the lie and reported that the claims of Kim Simac “failing to pay income taxes” are “True.” In fact, Holperin’s people never made such a claim, but they clearly created that impression, didn’t they Dave?

The second claim is that Kim Simac was delinquent on her property taxes. I have not checked the records, but again this article from WAOW, which Dave Umhoefer references, states

The treasurer’s office says late property tax payments are fairly common. Holperin says Simac’s property taxes are not an issue to him.

In other words, the charges and implications of income tax fraud are completely false, while the claims of delinquent property taxes may be true, but are “not an issue” to Holperin.

If you aren’t from the district, you may wonder why Jim Holperin let Kim Simac off on the property tax charge. As it says above, “late property tax payments are fairly common” and this is because the area only gets tourism in the summer months since northern Wisconsin winters aren’t much of an attraction. This is also the likely reason why Kim Simac, like many others, cannot pay her property taxes until June.

So, we see how the liberal multi-million dollar political spin machine consisting of “labor and Democratic Party groups and wealthy individual donors” uses it massive resources, with the aid of the liberal mainstream media (JSOnline) to destroy the reputation of a poor, small-business owner who struggles to pay her taxes, and it’s all done in the name of the protecting the “little guy.” Pathetic, isn’t it?

Thank you, Kim Simac, for having the courage to stand up for the rest of us in Wisconsin against the big, moneyed interests that seek to control our state! To Jim Holperin, his supporters, JSOnline, and Dave Umhoefer, I say, “Shame on you and your lies!”

August 17, 2011 at 11:12 am Comments (3)

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