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Gay Professor Secretly Records Students Urinating

San Francisco, CA July 27, 2014 ( – Mark Landis, 38, has been charged with 15 counts of invasion of privacy after being arrested and taken into custody on Wednesday. He was released on $100,000 bail. Landis, an accounting professor at San Francisco State University, was arrested and charged for surreptitiously recording male students using the restroom at his home.

Landis was known to invite male students to his home for parties on the weekend, where he plied them with alcohol. According to one of his students, “He was just the person that would host, and it was a safe place to go to. We basically hung out every single weekend for about two years, and we always hung out at his house because he always had a lot of alcohol.”

Last November, one of Landis’ male students discovered a flashing camera inside a tissue box that sat on the top of the toilet in the restroom at his house. The discovery, which occurred while the student was using the restroom, led him to remove the memory card from the camera to see what was on it. He discovered that Landis had recorded him and 14 other students urinating. The student then took the memory card to the police and reported the incident.

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon told reporters, “I think it’s sick at many levels. The camera was basically pointing toward the toilet so he could film people’s genitals as they were using the restroom. We believe, given the ongoing investigation in this case, that there are probably many other victims.” He is asking other students, who believe that they may have been recorded, to come forward.

“You have an individual that has power and authority over these young kids that he invited to his home,” Gascon added. “There was a special relationship there–one of power, authority and trust—and he violated that.”

Another student said, “It scarred all of us. This was a close friend of ours. We could open up to him. He was a mature figure we could chat with and have conversations with. He always seemed like a nice guy, but now we’re wondering if he was just nice to us so we would invite more friends over.”

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Gay Fake Cop Rapes Illegal Immigrants

San Francisco, CA July 25, 2014 ( – Jeffrey Bugai, 35, a licensed security guard posed as a police officer in order to rape two recent immigrants from Central America. Officials say that he persuaded at least two men to go to his home, where he drugged or handcuffed them to force them to perform sexual acts. Investigators believe that there may be many more victims, but that they will not come forward because he threatened them with police retaliation and deportation. They do not know how long Bugai ran his scheme.

Bugai was arrested on July 10th and has been charged with two counts of kidnapping to commit a sexual offense, one count of attempted forced sodomy, one count of attempted forcible oral copulation, and one count of assault with the intent to commit a sexual offense. He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on July 15th and is being held on 2 million dollar bail.

Jeffery Bugai has a prior criminal record for impersonating people. In 1999, he was arrested for wearing a white coat and posing as a health care worker at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City, Mich., at least three times. He even reportedly recommended that a nurse increase a patient’s pain medication. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of unauthorized use of a health profession title. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

No one knows how he was able to obtain a license to be a security guard. Investigators are asking people with information to call San Francisco police at (415) 553-0123.

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Gay Pedophile Teacher Asks Students for Semen-Stained Tissues

PINE HILL, NJ July 18, 2014 ( – Charles Reilly, 45, was sentenced to 15 years for engaging in “sexually explicit conversations” with 17 boys, ages 12 to 16 from 2006 to 2011. Those conversations included Reilly asking his students to bring semen-stained tissues to school so that he could make art projects out of them and instructing boys on how to masturbate. He has also been stripped of his teaching certificate and barred from holding public office ever again.

Charles Reilly was an art teacher at Pine Hill Middle School, the boys’ track and field coach, a Pine Hill councilman, and the American Legion Commander; he also assisted with The American Legion Boys State program. A Camden County Police Detective posed as one of Reilly’s students online during the investigation and those conversations led to the attempted endangering charge.

Sarah Watson, whose son was one of the victims, said “He took advantage of his students and their parents by winning our trust. He was a mentor to my son. He manipulated all of us by creating his career and extracurricular activities so he could fulfill his disgusting behavior.”

Pine Hill Police Chief Chris Winter stated

Crimes such as these devastate a community. The commission of these crimes by an individual privileged to serve the community and earn their trust significantly increases the impact.

Due to the bravery of the young men involved in the case to bring these crimes to the attention of their loved ones, Reilly’s crimes were stopped and he is being held accountable to society for his actions. Now the families and community can begin the healing process.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of official misconduct, 17 counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and one count of attempted endangering the welfare of a child. Police also found child pornography in his possession.

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

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Watch Out for Gay Whopper’s “Special Sauce”

July 2, 2014 ( – Call it a marketing nightmare! What could possibly be less appetizing than a gay Whopper? Yet, that is exactly how Burger King is marketing its Proud Whopper in hopes of cashing in on business from 2% of the population.

There are well-known stories about food that is contaminated with bodily substances: the semen-laced yogurt and the salad bar with urine and feces. Burger King’s sandwiches have had some issues of their own: take the blue pill and just say “neigh” to horse meat. Ewww!

When people think of gay pride they think of parades–parades with gay guys prancing around naked and engaging in public sex acts. When people think of gay sex, they think about the infamous case of the cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who drilled holes in men’s heads in an attempt to turn them into zombie sex slaves. Being a cannibal means never having to ask, “Where’s the beef?”

Homosexuality and gay rights also brings to mind the case of Sheriff’s Deputy and gay rights activist, Jonathan Bleiweiss, who forced his “special sauce” into the mouths of 14 Hispanic immigrants. Or it brings to mind famous homosexuals, like George Michael, who was arrested for masturbating in a public bathroom and gay sex in public. Or how about the gay, pedophile puppeteer behind Sesame Street’s “tickle me” Elmo? Any way that you look at it, associating meat with homosexuals is not a winning marketing strategy for Burger King; no “special sauce” for me, thank you.

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Anti-Gay Hate Scams, Hoaxes, and Fabrications Part 3

( – In an era when Christians around the world have universal love for everyone, it can be difficult to find someone to substantiate the media-created stereotype of Christian hatred and oppression. Why wait? These days, resourceful gay activists don’t mope around hoping for discriminatory acts to occur. Instead, they take matters into their own hands and create their own stories to help perpetuate their anti-Christian bigotry. These stories will make you swell with gay pride as you discover the depths of depravity to which some will sink for the cause of homosexuality. Ah, now this is tolerance!

  1. Genesis Hernandez’ Reign of Terror

  2. Poughkeepsie, NY, November 27, 2013 – The 2013 school year at Vassar College began with a rash of “bias incident reports.” Someone was practicing his writing skills on the walls of the student residences with the following messages: “Avoid Being Bitches,” “F**k N*gg*rs,” and “Hey Tranny. Know Your Place.” With great indignation, Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) Coordinator and dean of the College for Campus Life and Diversity, Edward Pittman, released this email message, “This is unacceptable and members of our community should be able to learn and work in environments that are free of hurtful expressions and behaviors.” I’m not sure which is the most offensive: the messages, the Orwellian doublespeak of BIRT, or the ridiculous size of Pittman’s job title.

    As reported in the Daily Caller, these “hate crimes” or “bias incidents” were perpetrated by the same two people who reported them. The college did not specify who the perpetrators were, but the Daily Caller found out that one of them was Genesis Hernandez, “vice president of the Vassar Student Association (VSA), the student government, and the student member of the Bias Incident Response Team.” The two students withdrew from Vassar voluntarily.

    For those who do not know about Vassar College, the price of attending is just over $60,000 for the 2013-2014 school year: Tuition $47,180, Room and Board $11,180, Student Activity Fee $320, Health Service Fee $390, and an estimated $2,250 for books, supplies, and personal expenses. The grand total is $61,320. Let that figure roll around in your head for a while and you will understand why this story has been kept so quiet and no one has been charged; these are kids of very wealthy people and they are sure to turn up at some other exclusive university. It is difficult to appreciate the level of sheer extravagance of students who are willing to skip these expensive classes to attend this “Vassar Together!” rally, but you can hear them mention it in the video at around the 9 minute mark. At the same rally, this video shows Genesis Hernandez speaking at about 51:30.

  3. Floyd Elliott Carves a “GAF”

  4. Independence, MO, December 14, 2004 – Floyd Elliot called the Independence, Missouri Police Department to report that two subjects attacked him in the parking lot at this apartment complex. According to Elliot, “the attackers cut him in the stomach, branded him with a hot knife, and attempted to carve the word ‘F*g’ on his forehead.” The fact that the word was written backwards made the police suspicious that attackers might be dyslexic or that Elliot’s story might not be totally true.

    The fact that the word was carved correctly on Elliot’s chest, eliminated the dyslexia angle and left the police to conclude that the attack was a hoax. Floyd Elliot later admitted that he falsely reported the crime to increase police presence in his neighborhood. The story does not end there, however. Floyd Elliot’s scam made it into the Congressional Record, where his phony story was used to push “hate crime” legislation. The amazing part about Mr. Smith’s address in the Congressional Record is that he managed to get a great deal of this very short story wrong.

  5. Dylan Bleier and Matt Alden’s Ku Klux Scam

  6. Oberlin, OH, March 4, 2013 – This story has it all: racism, anti-Semitism, and anti-gay stuff. What, no sexism? Okay, it almost has it all. In fact, it had a month-long spree of “incidents” culminating in a sighting of a Ku Klux Klan member on Oberlin’s campus. In the end, it was all determined to be staged by Dylan Bleier and Matt Alden, who watched day by day as they incited terror in their fellow students. The entire saga is much too long to go through, but an extensive account is available at Legal Insurrection.

    Much like the Vassar story, this was another episode at an elite school full of pampered rich kids. The total cost per student for the 2013-2014 school year at Oberlin is $62,282: Tuition $46,250, Standard Room $6,550, Board $6,054, Fees $620, Books $930, Personal Expenses $978, Health Care (required) $900. Again, the school tried to keep this story silent. They probably knew who the perpetrators were long before they announced it because they had traced IPs.

    This story blew wide open when a student reported seeing a KKK member on campus. That KKK member turned out to be a girl wrapped in a towel, but that did not stop Oberlin from canceling its expensive courses for the day. The last interesting tidbits of this story are that Bleier is an Obama supporter who helped to organize voter drives via Organizing for America. Bleier was also founder and president of the Ithaca High School for Obama club. At Oberlin, Dylan Bleier was a member of the Oberlin College Democrats and a group called Ithaca White Allies Against Structural Racism. Dylan Bleier and Matt Alden were reportedly suspended, removed from campus, and have now consulted with legal counsel. Liberal, please.

  7. High School Lesbian Wrestles With Self-Hate

  8. Mill Valley, CA, May 9, 2005 – There was a rash of anti-gay incidents at Tamalpais High School. Someone wrote the words, “Die F*g” on a student’s locker and on that student’s car. That same student, a 17 year old lesbian wrestler, also reported that she was pelted with eggs on the way home from school and received a typewritten letter. Additionally, several teachers reportedly received threatening phone calls. In the end, the lesbian wrestler admitted to perpetrating all of it.

    The lesbian, who was not identified by the police because she was 17, headed the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance. No kidding. Of course, before all of this was exposed, there was the obligatory anti-hate vigil. After all that free publicity, gay activists were understandably disappointed that people found out: “Paula Pilecki, executive director of San Anselmo’s Spectrum, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group, said she was surprised that police released a statement about the girl’s admission.” Right, because you would hate to spoil a good anti-gay hoax.

More to come . . .

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