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Arab Killer Guilty of Being White, Finds Washington Post

As a recent string of serial killings found its way from Michigan to Virginia, “The Washington Post” was determined to pin the killings on some white, racist guy. To that effect, two writers for the Post penned an article entitled “Michigan serial killer suspected in three Leesburg, Va., attacks”. The article begins “A white man who stabbed or attacked three dark-skinned men . . .”. What follows is a two-page story filled with suppositions, which could be effectively summarized as “white racist male kills black men.”

With few facts to go on, the writers impugn an unnamed racist, white male, using the opinions of the Chief of Police in Leesburg, a psychiatrist, and the writers themselves. All of this opinion goes against the facts some of the victims were white and the police said the perpetrator could be white or Middle Eastern. Given the option, of course, the liberals always choose the white guy.

That story was written on August 10, 2010. Two days later, the killer was caught and found to be an Arab named Elias Abuelazam, and the speculations of racism are suddenly disappear. This follow-up article in the post entitled “Serial stabbing suspect revealed instances of violence and paranoia, friends say” not only neglects to mentions that he’s an Arab and not white, it has a testimony from a black friend vouching that he isn’t racist.

Here’s another follow-up from the Post: Man suspected as ‘Flint serial killer’ tried to settle in Northern Virginia. Notice the frequent use of the word Israel and the prominent use of the word “Christian.” What’s missing in that first sentence? The word “Arab,” of course. Notice, too, how kindly the writer speaks of  the serial killer (family, friends, etc). What a nice Arab serial killer he is! I kind of feel like he’s my next-door neighbor. Still no mention of him not being white.

August 26, 2010 at 11:28 pm
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