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Global Warming Alarmist, Jon Huntsman, Dropped Out of High School

Look down the list of politicians who believe most firmly in the manmade global warming scare, and you will find some of the most scientifically illiterate people in government. For example, both Al Gore and John Kerry have written books on global warming (Al Gore also made a movie which earned him a Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar).

When Gore and Kerry ran for the presidency against Bush, everyone mocked Bush’s lack of scholarship (especially, when it came to global warming).  What was not so widely reported was that Al Gore was a dropout who took few science courses and did very poorly in them. Likewise, John Kerry had a terrible academic record with a GPA that was slightly worse than Bush’s. Go figure.

Let’s take a minute to recall John Kerry’s words of wisdom:

This is the sort of snobbish attitude we get from the liberals who make a pretense of being intellectual. Of course, John Kerry has no record of accomplishments that demonstrate any sort of learning, but that doesn’t matter to him, the liberals, or the press. As long as your views are politically correct, you are a genius, and those who don’t agree with you are uneducated barbarians.

That’s the liberal template that the media uses on every issue. At the moment, Rick Perry has been taking some heat from Jon Huntsman for saying that he questions the science behind the manmade global warming scare. As you can see in this video, Jon Huntsman is full of the same pretentiousness as John Kerry. That made me wonder, what is Jon Huntsman’s academic record?

So, I took a quick look on Wikipedia, where I found out that Jon Huntsman dropped out of high school to join a rock band. Alas, he eventually did go back to school and earned his G.E.D. Then he went on to the univerisity where he became a frat boy, just like that “idiot” George W. Bush. He eventually finished his bachelor’s in politics, but I don’t see much science going on there, Jon.

Here’s the real irony though: Rick Perry actually has a degree in animal science. Just as I suspected, the real anti-science candidate is the global warming alarmist and high school dropout, Jon Huntsman.

September 8, 2011 at 4:12 am
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