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Blackwater for Kinect is Awesome!

The first serious first-person shooter for Kinect is out, and it is hours of heart-pounding fun. Hard-core Kinect games have been slow to come out. Blackwater is one of the first and is easily one of the best games for Kinect.

Most of the Xbox 360 Kinect games, up to this point, have been family-friendly and child-oriented games. This one isn’t. Blackwater is intense gun-slinging action, and the Kinect-based control adds a new level of realism to the first-person shooter genre.

To aim your gun, you simply hold your arm forward and point it at the target. You reload by bending your arm at the elbow and slapping it with the other hand, somewhat like reloading a real gun.

However, the really intense part of the game comes from the ducking and dodging. The game is full of obstacles to duck behind for cover. Incredibly, the game uses the Kinect sensor’s ability to allow you to duck behind objects very realistically. Moving your body even allows you to look around objects, which really makes you feel like you’re in the action.

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December 23, 2011 at 11:42 am Comments (0)