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Father of Scientific Climatology Denies Man-made Global Warming »« Mathematician, Computer Scientist, and CEO: Herman Cain’s Brilliant Speech at CPAC

Mathematician and Computer Scientist, Herman Cain, Opposes Global Warming Hoax

Herman Cain graduated from Morehouse College with a B.S. in Mathematics, and he went on to get a Masters in Science from Purdue in Computer Science. He worked for many years in Mathematics and Computer Science positions before moving into management.

In fact, he is easily the most qualified politician to speak on matters of science. Herman Cain’s vast education and experience in science stands in stark contrast to the self-proclaimed defenders of science, like Jon Huntsman, who dropped out of high school.

With respect to man-made global warming, Herman Cain has said:

Man-made global warming is poppycock. . . . I don’t believe in it. If people look at the real data, the climate has varied ever since we have known that the planet was here.

Herman Cain’s remarks were made during an interview on Mark Levin’s show (clip below).

October 21, 2011 at 1:24 am
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  • October 21, 2011 at 1:30 pmklem

    He’s correct, there is no way to distinguish what humnas have contributed to GW and what the earth naturally contributes. There is no way to say that humans’ don’t contribute something, even a butterfly contributes to climate change in some imeasurable way.

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