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Mitt Romney Literally Owns Conservative Talk Radio: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc.

Why it is that the conservative media has given such strong support to the most moderate Republican candidate in the race, Mitt Romney? Glenn Beck effectively callled the TEA Party people, who rallied with him in 2010 in D.C., racist because they overwhelmingly supported Newt Gingrich for president. Technically, he said that the only reason that anyone would support Newt over Obama is because he’s white. However, the support for Newt came from the TEA Party that rallied with Beck in D.C.

Many others in the conservative media have lined up behind Mitt Romney as well. Ann Coulter, who in 2009, said that if Chris Christie didn’t get into the race that we would end up with Mitt Romney and we would lose, now is fully behind Mitt Romney and has called him the most conservative candidate in the race.

It doesn’t end there either. Conservative columnists, Charles Krauthammer and George Will, have been pounding all of the other republican candidates while supporting Mitt. National Review came out praising the two most liberal candidates (Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman) and trashing all of the conservatives. Sean Hannity and Michael Savage have been supporting Mitt too. Even Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge are supporting Mitt Romney, though they are doing so less obviously. This could all be seen as typical establishment behavior, if it didn’t include talk radio and some of the most reliable conservatives in media.

Perhaps the most astonishing support for Mitt Romney came in the wake of Newt Gingrich’s attack ads against Mitt Romney for his work as the CEO at Bain Capital. Newt Gingrich launched the ads in response to Mitt Romney’s multi-million dollar ad blitz in Iowa, which effectively took Newt from front-runner to fourth place. Mitt Romney’s ads lied about Newt, but no one seemed to care much. However, when Newt launched his Bain ad campaign against Romney, every conservative in radio and elsewhere jumped to Romney’s defense and attacked Newt.

They claimed that they were just defending capitalism, but what I didn’t know at the time was that most of these conservative hosts are actually owned by none other than Mitt Romney. That’s only a slight over-simplification. In 2008, shortly after Mitt Romney lost his first presidential race, Romney’s Bain Capital closed a deal to acquire Clear Channel Communications, which owns the stations that play all of the conservative talk radio shows. Bain Capital has also made substantial contributions to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Why not, they’ve already given him countless hours of advertising.

Sadly, conservative media has destroyed much of its credibility and it has probably destroyed most of the conservative movement, all in an effort to prop up a moderate candidate.

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January 16, 2012 at 11:53 am Comment (1)

Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter Should Quit Now!

When you start spouting left-wing talking points or resorting to obvious lies to prop up a failing RINO candidate, your days as a conservative commentator are over. When you agree with Bob Dole and Meghan McCain about who should be the republican nominee, you know you’ve crossed into Arianna Huffington territory. My respect for Glen Back and Ann Coulter has now come to an end. Why?

Well, it seems that Glenn Beck is now saying that Newt Gingrich is as liberal as Barack Obama. If that wasn’t enough, Beck has stated that the only argument for supporting Newt over Obama is racism. That’s right, we don’t actually like Newt’s “Contract With America,” welfare reform, balanced budgets, or NAFTA; we’re just racists. Thanks Glenn!

Ann Coulter made the ridiculous assertion that Mitt Romney is the most conservative candidate in the race. That’s simply a joke. Michele Bachmann is the most conservative, easily, and Santorum is a close second. All of the other candidates are far away from them, except in some respect . . . Newt!

Don’t get me wrong Newt has said some liberal things, but he has denounced every one of them. When it comes to actual policy, Newt has been responsible for the most conservative legislation that we’ve seen. Unlike the other candidates, he has done it on a national scale–with a democrat president. The Contract With America, welfare refrom, NAFTA, and the budget cuts of the 90s were all more conservative than anything that we saw during the George W. Bush years, even with a republican-controlled congress.

I have listened to Beck and read Coulter for a long time. I appreciated their commentary and stood by them as they have come under fire from the liberals. However, I find myself unable to comprehend why either if them has said what they have, and I will no longer listen to either of them. It’s a matter of trust, and they have lost mine.

Mr. Beck, in particular, will soon find the large group of Tea Party people whom he has called bigots have left him behind. Ann Coulter will find her credibility gone because of her blatant lie about Romney. No, Ann, Romney isn’t the most conservative candidate. He’s a phoney who has flip-flopped on almost every issue. He even opposed the “Contract With America,” as the video below shows.

Conservatives don’t abide lies nor do they appreciate being called bigots. After moving this far to the left, Glenn Back and Ann Coulter should finish their transition to liberalism (Arianna may have some openings at the HuffPo). No one on the right believes them, not even the Romney supporters.

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