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Battering Lesbians: the Sarah Bray Case

November 22, 2013 ( – The full story of Sarah Bray’s phony discrimination charges were explained in detail in this previous article. She claimed that her lesbian lover, Jennifer Clemmer, had tried to commit suicide, and that a Catholic hospital was denying her the right to visit Clemmer because she was gay. It was yet another case of a lesbian making phony discrimination charges, but this story had an even bigger twist: when Clemmer finally became conscious in the hospital, she told the police that Bray had been physically abusing her.

Subsequently, Bray was arrested and remains in prison. Clemmer has expressed that she now fears for her life. Meanwhile, the director of GetEqual Indiana, David Stevens, says, “Oops” and walks away, after whipping up a media firestorm against the hospital that was saved Clemmer’s life. (Don’t ever expect an apology from a gay activist.)

As incredible as all that is, there is an interesting psychological element to this story of a physically abusive lesbian. The relevant part of that story in the Detroit Free Press is this:

When Clemmer returned home at about 10:30 p.m., she said Bray was sitting on the living-room couch with her sons.

“The boys were instructed not to say anything about what is going to happen,” Bray told Clemmer, according to documents.

That’s when Bray allegedly lunged at Clemmer.

Clemmer said Bray dragged her to the ground by her shirt, struck her about five times in the head and neck with a closed fist, grabbed her by the hair and slammed her face into the wood floor, according to documents. The boys witnessed the attack, the affidavit said.

During the incident, Bray said, “So you always want to be the victim, do ya? … You don’t know abuse, I’ve endured abuse my whole life,” Clemmer told investigators, documents said.

Clemmer said she ran toward the bathroom and took six muscle relaxers she had in her pocket to help relieve the pain, according to documents. She collapsed halfway to the bathroom, however, and later woke up in a hospital bed. Documents said Clemmer had scratches and bruises all over her body.

Physical abuse among lesbians is a well-known and common occurrence. This is not surprising if you understand the causes of lesbianism, which are explained in this article. As mentioned, the overriding character trait is anger, and the psychological history is one of abuse.

It is difficult to imagine the degree of rage that Sarah Bray had when she planned this all out. As the story indicates, the entire attack was premeditated, but the description sounds like Bray erupted in a fit of rage. That kind of control and calculation indicates a very deep unquenchable anger that few people can hold. It is like the rage of a serial killer, but such is the rage of a lesbian.

The other thing that characterizes lesbians is a pattern of prior abuse. Sarah Bray is a classic case, as she says, “You don’t know abuse, I’ve endured abuse my whole life.” This is lesbianism in a nutshell.

Unfortunately, this is how lesbians live. Their use as political tool ensures that activists and politicians will continue to block efforts to help treat their psychological problems and will, instead, try to convince them that they are “born this way.”

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What Gay Advocates Fear Most!

There is nothing more frightening to a lie than the truth. The song “Luca Era Gay” by Giuseppe Povia, which reached #3 on the charts in Italy, is full of truths about homosexuality. It’s an awesome sounding song too. The English lyrics are listed below the video.

Unfortunately, there are many people whose political careers depend on keeping people in the gay life-style. This song exposes the fact that homosexuality is the result of psychological dysfunction that can be repaired, so that homosexuals are able to lead a happy, fulfilled life surrounded by a family of people who truly love them.

If you or someone you know struggles with homosexuality and needs help, contact the people at ex-homosexual through Jesus Christ. There you can see many testimonials of people who have overcome homosexuality, and you can talk to people who have been through it. You are not alone.

Luca once was gay,
but he is with her today.
When he speaks,
he holds his heart in his hands.
Luca says,
“I am a different man.”

Luca says,
“Before I talk about my change in sexuality,
let me make one thing clear:
If I believe in God,
I can’t depend on human beings for my answers.
Human thought on this is so divided.
So, I didn’t go to psychologists, psychiatrists, priests, or scientists.
I went to my past and dug deep
and found out so much about myself.”

My mother loved me–too much
a love that became obsessive
full of her convictions.
I couldn’t breathe for her need of my attention.
My father was a man who didn’t make decisions.
I could never talk to him.
He was at work all day long.
Although, I suspected the truth was a little different.

In fact, when I was twelve
my mom told him she wanted a separation.
I didn’t understand,
but my father said,
“Yeah, that’s the right decision.”
And after that, he started drinking.

My mom never had a good word to say about my dad.
She used to tell me,
“Whatever you do, don’t get married.”
She was jealous of my girlfriends–
So, unhealthy.
And my identity was never more confused.

Luca once was gay,
but he is with her today.
When he speaks,
he holds his heart in his hands.
Luca says,
“I am a different man.”

Today, I am a different man,
but back than I needed answers.
I was so ashamed,
I did my searching in secret.
There were people who told me,
It’s natural,
but I studied Freud
and he didn’t see it that way.

I got through high school,
still not knowing what happiness was.
An older man made my heart race.
That’s when I thought, “I’m homosexual.”
With him, I didn’t hold back.
He showered me with attention,
and I thought it was love.

Sure, with him I could be myself,
but then sex became a competition.
I felt like I was the guilty one.
I figured they’d catch him sooner or later,
but I could make the truth disappear so he wouldn’t get in trouble.
I looked for men who would be my father.
I went with men to not betray my mother.

Luca once was gay,
but he is with her today.
When he speaks,
he holds his heart in his hands.
Luca says,
“I am a different man.”

Luca once was gay,
but he is with her today.
When he speaks,
he holds his heart in his hands.
Luca says,
“I am a different man.”

Luca says,
“For 4 years,
I lived with another man
sometimes love,
sometimes deceit,
cheating on each other often.

I was still searching for my truth–
that great eternal love.
Then one night I met her
there in a crowd of people.
She knew nothing of what I was going through.
Yet, she listened to me,
undressed me, understood me.

All I remember is
the next day, I missed her.
So, that’s my story
only my story
no sickness, no healing.

Dad, I’ve forgiven you,
even though you never came back.
Mom, I think about you all the time,
and I’ve never stopped caring.
Sometimes, I still see your face,
but I’m a father now.
And my heart belongs to the only woman I have ever truly loved.

Luca once was gay,
but he is with her today.
When he speaks,
he holds his heart in his hands.
Luca says,
“I am a different man.”

Luca once was gay,
but he is with her today.
When he speaks,
he holds his heart in his hands.
Luca says,
“I am a different man.”

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What Causes Homosexuality?

The politically correct dogma about homosexuality is that gay people are “born this way.” The idea is pushed deliberately and forcefully precisely because it contradicts every behavioral observation. There are a number of different reasons why people are driven to homosexuality. However, there are two common reasons that are explored here: one for men and one for women.

The stereotypical model of a lesbian is an angry, ugly, man-hating shrew. Although ugliness and rejection by men may drive some into a sort of “sour grapes” style lesbianism, that is not the most common case. Instead, ugliness is mostly a behavioral byproduct. The element of anger is the key, and it is important to remark that lesbian anger has a very tight focus: men.

Why are lesbians angry at men? The most common reason is the presence of an abusive father. For this reason, the anger is coupled with fear. This is why it seldom comes out in a direct confrontation with a man, but it is more commonly observed when lesbians speak, indirectly, about men.

As expected, a typical woman will develop a normal affinity for her father over the course of maturation. The father becomes the ideal figure of what that woman seeks as a primary relationship later on in life. However, if the father is abusive, the woman becomes fearful of and angry with her father.

The abusive father creates a classic reaction formation in which the lesbian spends the rest of her life seeking safety from her father through relationships with women. Overcompensation in lesbians frequently takes the form of crude sexual remarks about women’s anatomy and overt masculinity.

Gay Men
Gay men are almost the complete opposite of lesbians. They are seldom, if ever, angry at women, and they tend to get along with women very well. In fact, gay men get along with virtually everyone. In fact, they subvert their own self-worth in order to please anyone and everyone.

This desire to please people is a result of intense feelings of inadequacy. The culprit is typically an overbearing and critical mother who drives the gay man to become outwardly directed and to constantly seek other people’s approval. The lack of self-worth renders the gay man incapable of sexual attraction toward women. All such feelings serve to make him feel all the more inadequate.

The strong desire to please frequently manifests itself as flamboyance. This type of gay man frequently becomes a chronic center of attention. He lives his life “on stage”–sometimes figuratively, sometimes actually. For this reason, we see numerous gay men who become singers or dancers. This is the gay man as performance artist. He lives his life constantly performing and seeking approval. He idolizes idols, like Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland.

Further Remarks
Rather than address these psychological issues truthfully, political interest groups have arisen to attempt to cement homosexuality as a “normal” lifestyle because they seek to use homosexuals as a political tool. To this end, they have tried to convince everyone, including homosexuals, that their inclinations are genetic.

Sadly, the very people whose cause is being championed are its biggest victims. Trapped by feelings of anger and fear or inadequacy, homosexuals are validated through their exposure as political tools. Not only are the opponents of normalizing homosexuality demonized, but homosexuals who want to leave the gay lifestyle behind are considered traitors and made into pariahs. All of this is done to gain political power.

Many homosexuals want some semblance of a normal life. The gay marriage movement is a testament to that fact. However, nothing in the world will ever serve to make homosexuality normal. Instead, political normalization and militancy trap homosexuals in a state of perpetual depression due to their fear or inadequacy, while they seek peace or approval with no resolution.

It is a state of endless misery and one need not look far for the results. Lesbians, driven by fear and anger, commonly become abusive, often physically. Gay men seek numerous sexual “relationships” with strange men in an effort to gain widespread approval. It is a great tragedy for homosexuals, particularly because their upbringing affords them no notion of what it means to live a normal, happy, and fulfilled life.

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