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Join the Ron Paul RESOLution! FTL!

If you’ve been concerned that the Republican party’s chances are too good this election cycle and you believe that high unemployment might inadvertantly drop a GOP candidate into the White House in 2012, then you’ve come to the right place. The Ron Paul Resolution is dedicated to putting up the most unelectable Republican, so that we can still manage to lose this election.

To that end, we are backing Ron Paul and every crackpot conspiracy theory that he can come up with–from 9-11, to the Trilateral Commission, to Skull and Bones, to the New World Order. Ron Paul has never failed to devise a wacky theory about anything. We are proud to support Ron Paul for president in 2012, and we know that somewhere in the universe Martians are watching our every move. The truth is out there.

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Join the Ron Paul Crackpot Resolution!

Are you a crackpot, kook, or just a grumpy old dude? Then you need to join the Ron Paul Resolution! Our resolution for this election cycle is to support the craziest candidate in the race, Ron Paul. From 9-11 truth to the New World Order to the Trilateral Commision and beyond, if there’s a kooky conspiracy theory out there, Ron Paul will believe it.

Don’t just fight the power! Make up stories about it and tell them to your friends . . . or any other whack job who will listen. This election cycle, help snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with the Ron Paul Resolution. Click on the image below to get your full-sized Ron Paul Resolution image and help spread the word!

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The Ron Paul Chronicles: Huntsman’s Attack on the GOP’s Crazy Uncle

Ron Paul is one wacky guy, and his followers are even wackier. Much of the reason that Ron Paul has escaped scrutiny is that most people are afraid to bring forth the wrath of his kooky cult followers. To be sure, there are some legitimate libertarians who support him, but the vast outspoken majority of his supporters consist of 9-11 truthers and other various conspiracy theorists.

These people are crazy fanatics, and Huntsman is one brave soul for choosing to face the wrath of the cult of Paul. Sadly though, Jon Huntsman missed some of the wackier things that Ron Paul has said. As we showed in a previous post, Ron Paul admitted that he wouldn’t speak out about 9-11 because he couldn’t “handle the controversy.” There you have it. Ron Paul admits to being both a truther and a coward. So much for the courage of Ron Paul.

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Ron Paul is a 9-11 Truther

If Ron Paul supporters wonder why people call him a nut, this is a pretty good example. This clip shows that he is either a 9-11 truther or he wants the truthers to believe that he is. You can find other kooky remarks that he has made to supporters when they question him privately. I would hope that he’s just pandering, but I fear that he actually believes much of it. Just look at how evasive he is. This is the guy who claims to be totally direct and consistent.

Here’s another clip with Ron Paul denying that he is a truther in a debate.

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