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Hey Liberals, Moderates, and Libertarians! Join the Conservatives . . . or Perish!

Every news outlet is filled with post-election analysis about how demographics are turning against conservatives. The liberals, the libertarians, and the moderates are all proclaiming, yet again, how we conservatives must moderate our position on some issue or another. Well, we have a different take on this.

Why must we, the conservatives, always be the responsible ones, the adults of the electorate? After all, if the economy falters and the government runs out of money, who is hurt more? We do not rely on government money and programs.

Look at what happened in the state of Wisconsin two years ago. In the midst of the economic downturn, we elected Scott Walker; he reduced the size of government and the power of the public sector unions. Even in liberal states, like NY and CA, similar austerity measures have been taken. What did we, as conservatives, lose? Not much.

So, this is our answer to the democrats who claim that we should compromise on raising taxes and growing government, the moderates who say that we need to compromise on abortion and amnesty, and the libertarians who proclaim that we must compromise on gay marriage and legalization: “Go ahead, make our day!”

If the economic collapse happens and no welfare checks are issued, you democrats will see the riots in your neighborhoods. If the state runs out of money, you moderates will have less government power to wield. If the liberals force tax increases, it will hit you rich libertarians and homosexuals the hardest.

Every election, each of you attempts to hold a gun to us conservatives and extract a ransom. We are tired of hearing it. We are not afraid. So, go ahead and pull that trigger. We dare you!

With the fiscal cliff on the horizon, we are telling you all now that you had better join us, the conservatives, on taxes, immigration, abortion, marriage, drug policy and reducing the size of government. Join us or perish!

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November 9, 2012 at 3:40 pm Comments (0)

The Romney/Paul Alliance as Explained by Krauthammer!

If you have been wondering, as I have, why the two front-runners in the Republican primary are attacking everyone else except each other then look no further. The recent remarks by Charles Krauthammer explain everything.

I have been asking for some time why Ron Paul is working to get Mitt Romney elected. My suspicion was that Ron Paul had realized that he didn’t have chance of winning. So, he decided to make a deal with Romney in order to get some position in his administration. The VP slot seemed an unlikely prize, but maybe Ron Paul would get a cabinet position or something else.

When I saw the headline of a recent video with Charles Krauthammer proclaiming that Ron Paul has brought libertarianism out of the wilderness, I thought it might give some insight. Since I know that Krauthammer is a strong Romney supporter, I thought this might be a further confirmation of the Mitt Romney and Ron Paul collusion. Instead, I found that Krauthammer explained what Ron Paul is trying to accomplish:

He has a stable, energetic constituency. He’s not out for the presidency. He’s 76, he himself said he doesn’t see himself in the Oval Office. He is the leader of a movement. Or as he said last night, the cause. He is now the champion of a cause on the up-swing. He is going to stay in the race. He is not going to drop out. He’s going to end up in Tampa, with perhaps the second most delegates. He will be like Jesse Jackson was in the ’80s among the Democrats, and Buchanan was in ’92, leader of the eternal opposition. The man who brought libertarianism out of the wilderness — all those pathetic third-party runs — into a position at Tampa where he can negotiate for changes in policy and speaking role perhaps even on prime time. That is a historic achievement.

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January 12, 2012 at 12:36 pm Comments (0)

Ron Paul is a 9-11 Truther

If Ron Paul supporters wonder why people call him a nut, this is a pretty good example. This clip shows that he is either a 9-11 truther or he wants the truthers to believe that he is. You can find other kooky remarks that he has made to supporters when they question him privately. I would hope that he’s just pandering, but I fear that he actually believes much of it. Just look at how evasive he is. This is the guy who claims to be totally direct and consistent.

Here’s another clip with Ron Paul denying that he is a truther in a debate.

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December 7, 2011 at 12:10 pm Comments (0)