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The Day the Conservative New Media Died

Today will be remembered as the day that the new conservative media began its descent. Instead of reporting the news, the new media has become an arm of the Mitt Romney campaign in the 2012 presidential race, even the liberals at the Politico are noticing it. From internet websites like the Drudge Report to talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck to the columnists like Ann Coulter and Charles Krauthammer, almost the entire conservative media has taken it upon itself to promote the much unloved liberal republican Mitt Romney.

As I reported before, Mitt Romney’s company bought out Clear Channel, which syndicates all of the conservative talk radio shows; this has resulted in an overwhelming bias for his candidacy among talk radio hosts. I also wrote about Ann Coulter lying about Mitt Romney’s conservativism and Glenn Beck calling the TEA Party racist.

The Drudge Report has been posting anti-Newt links for most of the campaign, but today they reached a new low. Click on the thumbnail above and you will see a full-sized image of the Drudge Report page from today. As you can see, the top and two left-most columns are filled with links to anti-Newt stories (12 links and 2 images). The is what has become of the conservative alternative to the old media; let’s face it, the new media is now dead.

We can now no longer believe anything that we get from the new media. They have become a pack of liars, slanderers, and propagandists for the cause of a liberal republican. They have become the republican establishment that they warned us about. Conservatives, these were your friends.

Let’s be clear that the candidate that they are backing, Mitt Romney, is the most liberal of all of the republican candidates in this election cycle. They have chosen to back him, despite the fact that he is disliked greatly among conservatives. They have tried to lie to us and tell us that Mitt Romney is the real conservative and the only republican who can get elected.

Those of us who are TEA Party conservatives have consistently chosen Newt Gingrich as our candidate. Today, I am through listening to the lies of the so-called conservative new media. I am through being insulted by the so-called conservative new media. I am through hearing propaganda against a genuinely conservative candidate. Today, I will find more honest sources of information.

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Newt Gingrich Shows How to Handle the Liberal Press in One Easy Lesson

In this MSNBC interview, New Gingrich demonstrates how to knock down liberal attacks. One after another, the master demonstrates why he has been such a powerful force in conservative politics.

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The Wisconsin Media’s Awful Unemployment Lies Against Scott Walker

How badly will the Wisconsin media lie in order to destroy Walker? Well, the latest headline from WSAU reads “Wisconsin leads the nation in November job losses.”

That sounds pretty bad. If you read the first paragraph of the story, it appears that Wisconsin led the nation in job losses for October as well as November:

For the second month in a row, Wisconsin leads the nation in the numbers of jobs it lost in November. The U-S Bureau of Labor Statistics said the Badger State lost a seasonally-adjusted 14,600 jobs last month, on top of the 9700 lost jobs the government reported in October.

So, did Wisconsin really lead the nation in job losses for October? Try reading the next paragraph of the story:

The initial monthly job loss figures are preliminary, and state Workforce Development Secretary Reggie Newson said the final numbers for October showed much fewer job losses. But Newson has not said that Washington’s numbers treat Wisconsin more harshly than other states — so if the proportions are the same, the state’s ranking compared to others would not change.

Let’s parse that message for a second. It says that the numbers that were reported for October were wrong, but they didn’t bother to correct them. Then WSAU goes on to speculate that the state’s ranking wouldn’t change anyway. Of course, WSAU is wrong again.

As this story from the ultra-liberal Cap Times points out,

. . . revised numbers from October show the state losing 2,400 jobs, not 9.600 as first reported. Revised figures now show several other states with more job losses, including Minnesota, with 7,300.

That’s right, WSAU deliberately reported incorrect numbers for October and made false suppositions about the state’s ranking. Wisconsin’s job losses were only 2,400, about one fourth of what was reported and the state did not have the largest number of job losses.

A few other worthy items stick out in the Cap Times article:

. . . [Wisconsin’s] unemployment rate fell to 7.3 percent, marking the lowest level in a year.

. . . October was the fifth straight month where the federal agency had overestimated the number of jobs losses in the state.

Three other times this year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics underestimated jobs gains . . .

I wonder why The Cap Times didn’t use the headline “Wisconsin’s unemployment rate at the lowest level in a year” instead of “Wisconsin leads nation in job losses.”

Let’s dig a little deeper into the employment numbers. Here are the employment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for September, October and November: 2,819,200, 2,822,900, and 2,831,400. According to this report, the number of employed has actually grown by 3,700 for October and 8,500 for November.

So, it appears that Wisconsin had positive job growth for the last two months, and these improving numbers are reflected in the unemployment rates for September, October and November which were 7.8, 7.7 and 7.3. It would be nice to have someone reporting the news accurately, but I wouldn’t expect it from the liberal media when they are trying desperately to recall governor Scott Walker.

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The Herman Cain Story: Is the Liberal Media Dead?

It has been 10 days since the liberal Politico broke the story of sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain. Since then, the media has been churning out story after story with unsubstantiated allegations against Cain and reports about how his campaign is over. In fact, The Economist is reporting today that the Herman Cain is no longer the front-runner. They are of course lying, as usual.

New polls out today show Herman Cain leading the race in Florida for the first time in the race. He also leads in Ohio and is now tied with Romney in Pennsylvania. In other words, the allegations have not hurt Cain, and may have even helped him. There’s a reason.

Herman Cain has been married 43 years. He has no history of infidelity; unlike Bill Clinton whose affairs were many and proven. With Cain there is no smoke and no fire. The leftist media is wondering why conservatives don’t believe the allegations against Herman Cain, and the answer is simple: everyone knows they are false, even the left. We also know that the left-wing media is out to lynch any conservative black person.

Despite the fact that the charges are so obviously false, the left-wing media expects us to believe them. They hope that if they can repeat the charges enough times that we will come to think they must be true. They believe that if they say that Herman Cain’s poll numbers are slipping, it will magically happen. Neither of these has happened, and the only thing that the media is doing is showing their growing irrelevance. This is the day that the liberal media cried “wolf” and nobody came.

By the time this story runs its course, virtually no one will believe anything in the left-wing media, including liberals.

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November 10, 2011 at 11:57 am Comment (1)

Did Politico Purposely Make a Racist Smear Against Herman Cain?

The Politico is running a story that claims Herman Cain raped two women while he was the head of the National Restaurant Association . . . wait, make that sexually assaulted . . . no, make that sexually harassed . . . no, wait he allegedly made “physical gestures that were not overtly sexual” toward to two women. Ah, that’s very clear. Now they want him to answer for anonymous charges that they won’t even describe. Here’s the smear story.

This reminds me of the phony sexual harassment charges that were brought up against Clarence Thomas when he was appointed to the Supreme Court. It also reminds me of the outright lies that were told about Sarah Palin’s baby. And how about the recent Washington Post smear against Marco Rubio? It seems that any person who rises to a position of power on the right, who isn’t a white man, gets an obligatory phony smear by the “tolerant” liberal press.

Now the author of the Politico’s smear, Jonathan Martin, says he’s “just not going to get into the details” of the story. Nice one, Politico. Make allegations and then refuse to substantiate them with details.

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